Vets Plan to Hold DAPL Protest Site

BISMARCK – Thousands of veterans from various U.S. military services, plan to join demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and hold the lines for protesters against the construction project this weekend.

Already some 1000 vets are heading to the Oceti Sakowin protesters’ campsite, and target Sunday as their day of arrival, with plans to leave by Wednesday. However, many have already made arrangements to remain indefinitely at Standing Rock.

On Monday, North Dakota state authorities ordered the camp vacated, saying the cold makes it dangerous for protesters to stay there. But law enforcement has continued to allow vehicles to enter the site, as weather exposure continues to threaten the safety of demonstrators.

Governor Jack Dalrymple has already stated that plans to change the pipeline location may be to late, and that the Federal government must step in soon.“Further delays simply prolong the risks to public safety, prolong the hardships endured by area residents and increase costs incurred by the state of North Dakota and Morton County” said Dalrymple.

Thousands of vets are expected to arrive at the site, thanks to Michael Wood, a former police officer, and Wesley Clark, a screenwriter, both veterans, who set up a campaign on to raise money to help veterans support the Standing Rock protests.

The group representing the veterans, claims they will come in peace, and are there to show support for the protest, though as “human shields.”

[Filed by Piper Combs]


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