Doug Burgum Prepares for Office

BISMARCK – North Dakota Governor-elect Doug Burgum has announced several changes in his Cabinet, before taking office this Thursday, as well as plans for city development across the state.

Monday saw the exit of several Cabinet members such as, the head of the Department of Human Services Executive Director Maggie Anderson. She will continue her post until a new director is named under the new administration.

Other changes include the retirement of North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Alan Anderson on December, 31st after five years in the seat. Others to leave to purse outside opportunities include Chief Information Officer Mike Ressler, and Parks and Recreation Department Director Mark Zimmerman.

Michelle Kommer will head the state Department of Labor, and Deputy State Health Officer Arvy Smith and Environmental Health Section Chief Dave Glatt will run the state Department of Health as co-interim directors until a new state health officer is named, following the retirement of Terry Dwelle.

These announcements come just as news broke that Burgum got married to Kathryn Helgaas of Fargo on Sunday, ushering in a new first lady of North Dakota just days before taking office.

Burgum also announced some of his upcoming plans such as a “Main Street Initiative” which would revive downtown areas across the state. He was hailed for turning downtown Fargo around via his successful revitalization program, and plans to use that as a template for cities across the state during his forthcoming term.


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