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Sorenson Returns to Stage After Battling Cancer

MEDORA, ND – The Medora Musical returns for its 52nd year in Western North Dakota, and will see the return to stage of a popular face many in the area know well,  former Bismarck Mayor, and business entrepreneur, Bill Sorenson.

“It was about a year ago right now when I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. And about a year ago right now it didn’t look good,” said Sorensen.

After aggressive treatment, Sorenson has recovered and is now cancer free, and free to perform, and, will make his return to the Medora Musical this month, to perform alongside the new host of the show, Chet Wollan. The Musical will feature a cast full of talent from across the country – including five other North Dakotans from Dickinson, Bismarck, and Fargo, and Grand Forks.

“A lot of the material he has is in the show, he does some of the writing for us,” said Wollan. “A lot of the good jokes are his, a lot of the bad jokes are his too.”

Jokes that Bill will continue writing for future shows. As his battle with cancer proves, he’s not an easy guy to get rid of.

Sorensen, looking toward the season comments, “You know, looking at the whole situation, and thinking of this summer, I’m happy to have another chance to hit the stage with the whole cast, to perform in front of 100, maybe 120,000 people, and this year, to get to do it with a bunch of really, really talented performers from right here in North Dakota.

“It’s not often we get this many North Dakotans in the show,” he continues. “My role doesn’t sing, but for the others, the talent level has to be so high not just vocally, but also their dancing and acting, and the competition at the auditions comes from all over the country. So to be a part of the show this year is really special.”